CONCORD, NH – Intown Concord is proud to award Berat Holdings, LLC of 64 N. Main Street with the final Façade Grant of 2022 in the amount of $10,000. Many would know this building as the home of The Post and Parlor Salon on east Main Street in downtown Concord.

"We were absolutely thrilled to obtain a $10,000 grant from Intown Concord’s Façade Improvement Grant Program,” stated Theodora Conway, Owner/Manager of Berat Holdings, LLC. “The old façade of our building was a bit of an eyesore in downtown Concord.”

The company had been planning to give the building a facelift since 2019 after they replaced their entrance doors, but plans were halted due to COVID-19.  The Façade Improvement Grant Program was the assistance they needed to finally implement their plans.

“Without it, I believe we would have delayed the renovation again. The result is a pleasing look consistent with the historical architecture of the building. We cannot thank Intown Concord enough!" says Conway.

Intown Concord's Façade Grant Program was established to provide financial assistance to local building owners and tenants in downtown Concord. The purpose of this grant is to improve the appearance of the downtown through new signs and improvements or repairs to building façades. The Program offers financial assistance in the form of 50/50 matching grants. All the funds awarded are raised at Intown Concord’s Upstairs Downtown event that happens every fall.

“With increased building costs and inflation property owners are facing many challenges when it comes to building improvements right now,” says Jessica Martin the Executive Director of Intown Concord. “It is an absolute joy to be able to give back to our community in this way and make it a little easier for these owners to improve their buildings and ultimately the look of our downtown.”

All façade improvements must be approved by the Intown Concord Design Committee and the Concord Planning Board prior to moving forward with execution. Intown Concord’s Façade Improvement Grant Program is designed to create a positive visual impact for Downtown Concord and to foster a more attractive climate for investment in the downtown commercial district. For more details and a full description of this program please see Intown Concord’s website at


Intown Concord is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to promote, elevate, and celebrate the city of Concord, with a specific focus on the city center, resulting in a thriving, inclusive, and sustainable community.

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